Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashionable dilemmas

First order of business today.  I've been getting more than a few disgruntled emails regarding the gentle ribbing (no pun intended) I gave of PrimalWear cycling jerseys last week, most specifically, the one called "The Bone Collector." 
I guess apologies are in order - I didn't mean to offend anyone who likes to wear "The Bone Collector" or any other anatomically correct cycling wear for that matter.  By all means - if you like to display facsimiles of your anatomy on your cycling garb, go for it.  I mean, after all, it worked for Mario.  But might I suggest you consider aerodynamics and thus take it one step further and just go for the tattoo?
Paired with some form fitting daisy dukes, this could really make for the ideal time trialing outfit.

Speaking of tattoos, I was interested to see Sylvain Chavanel's new tattoo today on Cyclingnews.
A tattoo is a work of art - but special planning in advance really can make it that more special.  For example, Chavanel was careful to make sure that his dragon was descending into flames that appear to be emerging from the top of his sock.  Any lower on the ankle - and all you would see is the dragon's ass....which really is no good at all.  This photo was taken at the starting line of today's Brabantse Pijl race which marks the beginning of the Ardennes classic season.  The next installment of the series of course is Sunday's Amstel Gold Race, visually represented here by Michel Cornelisse, who was inventor of the hair-helmet popularized in the 80's.
After Amstel Gold, Fleche Wallone and Liege-Bastogne-Liege are to follow next week.  It's the latter race which RadioShack's Chris Horner has targetted to wanting to win next.  Amidst the fanfare of Spartacus winning Paris-Roubaix in commanding fashion, Horner quietly became the first american to don the 'txapela', or the hat awarded to the winner of the Tour of the Basque Country which he took on Saturday by winning the final time trial.

As far as podium presentations go, the previously injury-plagued Horner must have been elated to finally win the coveted hat of a race he has openly admired for years.  But speaking of desirable podium presentations, I have to wonder if the U.S. Ladies Mountain Bike Team were equally as pleased with their recent presentation after sweeping the podium in the cross country event of the Continental Mountain Bike race held in Guatemala.
Does the male dominated sport really have to carry over to the extent that the podium presenters for the women's races were also female Guatemalan models clad in skin tight lycra?  Out of respect for the accomplishments of our US Women's team, I created a new version of what their podium presentation should have been.....because don't all women love a guy in lycra?

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  1. Sadly women bicycle racers are somewhat rare and infact, there exists one women's team that I am aware of that would prefer the podium girls to the lycra dudes (not that there's anything wrong with that)