Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going primal with a new mayor

Yesterday we spoke about anatomy, and the fact that  David Zabriskie is halfway to "Ur-anus" which, depending on his staring point, might put him squarely around your taint, where as cyclists, we experience most of our pain.  That is, unless, you happen to be riding one of these, which I encountered at the end of my ride Monday evening coming down Stewart.
The obvious advantage of riding an upright ElliptiGo is that there is no taint pain.  However, as with everything in life, there is a compromise, and whereas this individual's taint might be chipper, his pride may be suffering.  Especially after he caught me taking his picture (DAMN his rear view mirror).  I couldn't help it though....the image appealed to me the same way that watching a trainwreck or Tyler Hamilton's declining career appealed to's disturbing and yet I couldn't look away.  Maybe it was the setting sun, maybe it was the full body tights, maybe it was the PrimalWear cycling jersey hiking up his back revealing just a hint of mid-drift in the fading light of day, like some soft-core swimsuit model photoshoot. 

As soon I got back to COMO CYCO headquarters that night, I had to look up the name of the jersey this fellow was wearing.  Following the lead of the spine and ribs imagery gave me a good start, and before long, I had tracked it down.  This is called the "Bone Collector."

After perusing some of the other PrimalWear jerseys, though - I have to say that this is not my favorite.  I actually think I favor the "Cogs and Dogs".
As indicated earlier in the week, I too have a dog and am obviously fond of the 'cog' motif - so would actually like to see a modified version of this jersey if the kind folks at PrimalWear felt so inclined to accept a suggestion.
At any rate, last night was a big night for Columbia as we elected a new Mayor, Dr. Bob McDavid.  As we say goodbye to our former Mayor and cycling supporter Darwin Hindman, I think I can say that we all look to McDavid with concern and hope that increasing cycling infrastructure and advocacy will remain mayoral priorities in COMO.  If the photo taken of him winning the race last night is any indication of where he stands on the issue of cycling, we can see at least one supporter wearing the Golden Bangle of the Lance which might be interpreted as a positive sign, but also note that while Dr. McDavid is busy clapping to his own success, a congratulatory supporter is "left hanging."
Lest we cyclists be left hanging as well, the PedNet group recently asked the mayoral candidate if he "supported PedNet's vision of a growing network of paths, trails and multimodal streets throughout Columbia, enabling and encouraing people to use healthy, active modes of transportation..."  To which he replied,

"I am a long-time road and Katy Trail bicyclist. While my road biking has ceased, my wife and I enjoy biking the Katy trail and rank bicycling as our favorite pastime. Columbia's bicycle trails represent a unique and rich recreational asset of this great city. I strongly support Columbia bicycling tradition and have advocated PedNet as it develops our community's bicycling assets."

I hope that wasn't him riding an ElliptiGo on Monday night in the Bone Collector.


  1. i think i would like to see our new mayor on one of these in the next parade through downtown, maybe even for his inaugural homecoming parade.


  2. Classic! Make that two of us!