Friday, April 30, 2010

Thus just in....Questions

Sorry to "double-post" you on a Friday.....I'm quite sure that "double-posting" is never cool whether we are speaking euphemistically or regarding proper blogging practices.  However, I've been so moved by a local occurence, that I couldn't help but write a brief comment about it since none of the news outlets seems to be covering it at all.......Then I will let you continue on with your Friday Mail post which follows...

As reported on Facebook, last night, three COMO cyclists were riding single file down New Haven when a truck and trailer pulled up behind and waited to pass them.  An SUV then pulled up behind the truck, and with the driver getting impatient, tried to pass everyone...truck, trailer and a no-passing zone.  As the SUV driver rounded the truck and came alongside the cyclists, she lost control of the car when the front wheel ran off the pavement and she tried to overcorrect, sending the car end-over-end beside all three.  The cyclists all hit the ditch and were unharmed by the careening vehicle.

The cyclists then immediately went to help the same woman in the SUV who had very nearly killed them.  They helped her out of the wreckage that she had reduced her car to and commented that her most pressing concern was making sure her phone was OK. 
I'm not a reporter, and I not an attorney.  I wasn't there to witness this and as a cyclist who frequently rides down New Haven, I am not capable of being unbiased.  I'm also aware that if you are taking the time to read this, then cycling is probably an important part of your life, and this post is me preaching to the choir. 

Physics is an interesting thing in that it very rarely lies or cheats.  F=Ma....which means that force equals mass times acceleration.  Consider the force of the mass of an out-of-control SUV, accelerating to pass three cyclists.  It seems odd that one impatient person in a car had the power and opportunity to eliminate three really good people from this earth, and deprive their families from ever seeing them again.  Something else that doesn't lie is the fact that this portion of the road is very clearly marked a no-passing zone....
Everyone was OK last night.  But what is important to ask, in my opinion, is what if everything didn't turn out OK?  My intention is not to be morbid.  Again, I wasn't there and I don't know the circumstances.  Was there a reason she was in a hurry?  How important would that reason have to be to justify what she nearly did? 
How would she be charged if things were different? How would we react?  Would this woman ever be allowed the privilege to drive a car again?  If she is treated any differently than if everything hadn't turned out OK, then two crimes have been committed.  I've left the names of the cyclists out of this post intentionally, and have not given appropriate credit to the photographer (one of the guys) - I didn't want to call any more attention to them than necessary, nor embarass them in any way.  And if I have, I sincerely apologize. 

Ride safe -


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  1. Wild crazy stuff, but basically a happy ending. Not a scratch on our friends and the driver has already received some serious consequences for her bad judgment/driving. Another important point is that this was an accident and a freak one. Although I see your point....... crashing while passing in a no passing zone smacks of criminal action over pure accident. I would expect her to receive addition legal consequences on top of the vehicle damages. Also she might have to buy the three riders new cycling shorts or at least have to pay for their cleaning bills.