Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The devil made me do it....

I had a rough night last night, but not as rough as the COMO CYCO dog.  Little Jens decided to develop a case of the "screaming mimis" as my grandmother used to call volatile, blow-out diarrhea.
(The cover of this old novel is actually fairly representative of what went down last night - note the agitation in the dog (Little Jens), the fear of the man (me) and just replace the woman with said "mimis" and you've got the picture.)

After a long night involving little sleep, but many trips outside, I awoke this morning utterly exhausted.  Oddly, Little Jens was wagging his tail, ready to go.  I just needed coffee, so swung by Starbucks on my way into work.  I ordered one big-ass (I refuse to use the word "venti") latte and a cinammon chip scone.  When the cashier rung it up on the machine, my heart skipped a beat at what I saw.

$6.66.  The number of the beast.

Now, I'm not an overtly religious type of person.  I'm not even sure I believe in hell in the classic biblical sense of flames and cloven-hooved devils and the like.  I tend to believe we have the ability to create our own little hells right here on earth with sufficient wickedness so as not to need any place below.  Take Six Flags or Disneyworld.  I defy you to come up with anything scarier than a 7 foot Goofy coming at you smelling of elephant ears.  But nevertheless, having a 666 pop up unexpectedly is still a little creepy....maybe not as creepy as seeing it on your kid's scalp like in the movie the Omen.....but still.

And speaking of biblical references to the unholy, if you've not done so, check out the latest installment from COMO's own ProPam, winner of the Tour of Hermann women's open road race, who also just won the Tour de Hills road race in Harrison, Arkansas on Saturday by way of a solo attack in a freaking hail storm in the first third of the 58 mile race that saw about 3000 feet of climbing.  This is required reading, kids.  And speaking of COMO cyclists kicking some ass, after you're done reading that post - read the one from our own Lieutenant Dan who won Le Tour de Tick MTB race on Sunday despite flatting on the first lap. 

I was reminded of "cycling hell" the other day when I was doing a bit of shopping on ebay UK (the only place to buy really good crumpets in bulk) and stumbled upon this.
Heads up - there are only 9 left as of this morning, and going for $8.50.  I've already purchased two for me.  This is going to be sweet with my new tattoo.


  1. Funny/strange about the "venti". While ordering a "venti" at the drive through, my friend tells me (on the phone) he will NEVER buy anything from Starbucks because of how they label their drink sizes. I think Starbucks is "Venti" good, "Venti" expensive. Also 666 means they are the devil.

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