Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm confused....and not quite dead.

2010 Liege-Bastogne-Liege Winner: Vino

Wow, I didn't see that one coming.  If I hadn't watched it for myself and you had told me - "Hey - did you hear Vinokourov just won LBL?"  My response probably would have been this. But Jonathan Vaughters' response was a little different when asked by Phil Ligget about how some cyclists, like Vino, are able to come back from doping suspensions to ride so well so quickly.  What was JV's repsonse?  He explains it on Twitter:

And what was Contador's take on the race?

"I have great taste in my mouth after these races, but today I noticed a lot more allergies than in the Fleche, although I saved the day because I had good sensations."

This is what happens when Spanish is translated by a Kazakhstanian into English in the town of Liege.  And while the fireworks were going off in European cycling, the team that lives up to its name that Rock's Not Dead quietly won the Vuelta Mexico Telmex as Oscar Sevilla secured the overall victory.  This despite him saying prior to the race:

"For Mexico, I'm enrolled with Rock Racing but I don't believe that I will race with them.  I believe that Rock Racing does not exist anymore.  I'm hoping to race but with another team there."
I think that owner Michael Ball should change the team's slogan from "Rock's Not Dead" to something more Monty Python-esque, like "Rock's Not Quite Dead!"  Despite the gloomy outlook, Sevilla obviously held it together long enough to win, still wearing the Rock kit.  This demonstrates that when given lemons, one should make lemonade, and one one has man-boobs, one should take their shirt off and show the world.  Especially if one is a spectator of the Veulta Mexico and has a bunch of friends that want to body-paint the word "LAGOS" across their chests in capital letters.  However, take note - lest you be concerned that your dirty pillows obscure your letter, use the lower case and turn it into a smiley face to draw attention away from the fact that people are throwing you Mardi Gras beads.....

Equally as clever a diversion scheme, news comes today that Michael Ball is under federal investigation for arranging a fictious marriage for one of his Mexican models to help her stay in the US.  I think we've finally uncovered the incentive to keep Rock Racing "Not Quite Dead" and rather barely living in Mexico.

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  1. Man-boobs! That dude needs to either start wearing a "manssiere" or start riding a bicycle instead of watching one.