Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Report: Nodding and Homaging

I wonder if everyone else out there is suffering the Monday morning emotional hangover like I am following a weekend chock-full of cycling wizardry.  Yes, of course Spartacus completed the two-fer in winning Paris-Roubaix one week after winning the Tour of Flanders....and yet again he did it in true gladitorial fashion attacking solo at a ridiculous distance from the finish.  Who's the man, Spartacus? 
And of course there was our own midwestern Hell of the North held the day prior in Hillsboro, Illinois.  As VeloNews reported, Christopher Uberti of Panther-Competitive Cyclist took the bunch sprint of the Men's Pro 1/2 race, and Rita Klofta outsprinted two breakaway companions to win the women's elite competition.  Keep an eye out here, here and here for some play by play accounts of what is was like to be in the field of the men's race.  On Sunday the Tilles Park Spring Crit was run, but results hadn't yet been posted at the time of this writing. 

However, it was none of the aforementioned races that had me so excited about this past weekend's cycling extravaganza, but rather the Pedal Nation Bike Show that went down in Portland, OR on Saturday.  Sadly, I could not attend as this past weekend I was catching up on some reading.  In particular, I've fallen a little behind on my subscription to Man's Life, one of my favorite periodicals.  So I spent all day Sunday soaking in the tub, eating CheezeNips, and reading the rivetting  true account of a near-lethal weasel attack.
"Weasels ripped my flesh!"

Thankfully, however, I was able to peruse a couple of slide shows from the Portland Bike Show to see what is new out there in the world of cycling fashion and accessories.  Perhaps one of the more exciting finds comes from the Osloh Bicycle Jean company that sells "Apparel For a Cycling Lifestyle."  After perusing their selection, I was elated to learn that Osloh sells more than just jeans.  They also have a small selection of graphic tees, my favorite of which is called "Workforce" pictured here.

The caption to this image says, "Screenprint design is a visual nod to the hardworking cycling commuter."

And then they picture one of their models with the shirt on, apparently caught in mid-nod.  He too, no doubt, is also a hardworking cycling commuter humbly bowing to the memories of his commuting forefathers.
I am a little concerned by what line of work would take an urban commuter down a dark alleyway, where he must wear dark sunglasses and walk his bike along rather than riding it, but am happy to at least note he has both a handlebar mounted light and front reflector to help him guide his way safely.  Such is the lonely and dangerous way of the modern, hardworking, cycling commuter, and grateful are we to Osloh to give us a fashion item to celebrate them.  From wherever you read this, please take a moment to nod with me now.

Thankfully, not only does Osloh celebrate the commuter, but also cycling history as is represented in this graphic tee called the "St. Major."
"This Tee is the first in a series of tees that commemorate outstanding events in the bicycling world, The OSLOH HONORS collection.  This tee plays homage to cycling pioneer Major Taylor."

This shirt must be made of very flimsy cotton, hence the need for the model to wear it over a flannel shirt with a thick wool scarf.  One shouldn't catch a chill while paying homage.  It's interesting how Major Taylor is canonized on the t-shirt with a crown (Do saint's wear crowns?).  I wonder who will be next in the OSLOH HONORS collection?  Maybe they will deify Tom Boonen's meat in a t-shirt like they did in Belgium recently?
But one of the most interesting companies highlighted at the Portland show was the Walnut Studio, which makes fine-grained handmade and custom bicycle accessories in leather.
Note the U-lock leather sleeve, leather grips, leather front rack belts, leather portaging strap and most importantly, leather Pabst Blue Ribbon holster.  Nothing makes a PBR go down smoother than having it bounce around in a full-grain leather caddy on your handlebars on a hot summer day.  Aside from the quasi-dominatrix appearance this company can give to your ride, the interest in the company also lies in the fact that they can do custom leather work.  I wonder if Spartacus could contact them and have some new cycling shoes made for Amstel Gold?
All hail Spartacus!....(nod and pay homage accordingly)...

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