Monday, August 9, 2010

Bicycle Revolution

As I rode to work today, it occured to me that I might as well be swimming, the humidity has gotten so bad. And yet, the number of people I saw commuting to work by bike this morning was truly impressive.  This made me think about a street sign I saw while finishing my ride Sunday morning.
(Extra-credit goes to the person who can tell me where in COMO this was spotted)

Apparently, Columbia is in the midst of a "Bicycle Revolution", although I'm not sure what our bicycles are revolting for or against.  However, the particular street where I noticed this sign was very close to the spot where I witnessed a lycra-clad Elipti-Go rider last April.....and if there was ever a call to arms for bicycles everwhere to stand up and fight, the sight of someone in PrimalWear on an Elipti-go could certainly pose such an afront.  Equally so, however, might be the much-loathed unicycle.  I saw one of those at 6:30 AM on my commute two weeks ago:
A unicyclist riding alongside a woman with an umbrella hat; if this can't generate ire in a two-wheeled velocipede, I don't know what can....I could practically feel my Pinarello Dogma, Giuseppe, shudder beneath me at the sight of this....but then again, that may have just been my breakfast burrito.

But I suppose that anytime there are increasing numbers of individuals that exist on the fringe of what is considered "normal", this simply represents a spilling over from the actual base population that has become quite substantial, and thus ultimately represents a positive thing.  And in the case of COMO, not only does the base population of cyclists seem to be growing, but so too are their achievments.  Take this photo of Columbia Bike Club Cat 1 cyclist, Dave Henderson winning the 2010 Masters (40-44) Road National Championship for the Criterium in Louisville, KY on Saturday.
Big congrats on your Stars and Stripes jersey, Mr. Henderson!

And as the popularity and achievements of cycling grows in COMO, so too do the opportunities for everyone to partake.  I've been remiss in not mentioning this sooner, so let me do it now.  On August 21 is the First Annual Boone Dawdle ride, a collaborative event between the organizers of the True/False Film Festival and Off Track Events.  The ride will be a leisurly ramble down the Katy trail to the Blufftop Bistro at Les Burgeois for a picnic style dinner, live music and then a showing of the film, "The Best Worst Movie Ever".....the the true story of a small town dentist who has a secret in his past - he once starred in what many claim to be the worst movie ever made.: Troll 2.

BEST WORST MOVIE TRAILER from Best Worst Movie on Vimeo.

Whether you get there on unicycle, Elipti-go or on your trusty two-wheeled companion, this should be a good time...

And last but not least, I need to recognize some new sponsorship for COMO CYCO:  Enzo's Cycling Products' ButtonHole Chamois Cream.

Enzo's just released the ButtonHole Cream on July 29th.  Big thanks to them for their support.  If your ass is burning up on the saddle these days, you may want to give their chamois cream a try.  We'll be checking it out in the very near future and will give you a full report.

Stay cool, kids.


  1. I was back in Columbia yesterday and all I saw were motorcycles, no bicycles anywhere. Guess they all "upgraded" to motorized two wheels when I left town.

  2. That photo will be one for the ages, David. Congrats to you! You earned it!

  3. Thanks for the "props" Poo-bah!

    To Butthead: You must respect the jersey. I have the jersey.

  4. melalvai: there was a 25,000-person biker get-together on CoMO over the last week and into the weekend. Now that they're all gone, the cyclists can be seen again.

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