Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If you didn't read yesterday's post, you may have missed out on the explanation for the new addition on the right side of the blog.  Yes, COMO CYCO now has an official sponsor: Enzo's ButtonHole Chamois Cream.  I'm really, really excited about this as #1) I am the proud owner of a button hole, #2) that button hole is hotter than mo-mo in this heat and needs some chamois cream desperately and #3) Enzo's cycling products is a small midwestern company (based in Lake Zurich, Illinois).  So check them out by clicking on their ButtonHole.

In other news:

"Screw you guys, I'm going home."

I thought of this guy (former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater) as I was riding to work this morning.  You've probably heard of him....he's the guy who got hit in the head by a piece of luggage from a passenger who was trying to retrieve his suitcase from the overhead bin prior to the plane coming to a complete stop.  He and the passenger got into a verbal sparring match, at which point Slater walked away, grabbed a beer, got on the PA and called the dude a M*****F*****, deployed the emergency chute, slid his happy ass down the slide, drove home and went to bed.  When I got to my office this morning, I immediately checked my office window for an emergency chute but didn't find one.  Dammit.

At any rate, after I checked my office window for the chute, I logged onto my email and noticed I had a message from some company named RealCyclist.com with this advertisment:

Now, I've certainly been accused of having my mind in the proverbial gutter on more than one occasion, but I defy you to read the text in yellow above without it sounding like the ad is implying that I'm "Rubbing her the wrong way," to which I say, "au contraire, mon frere" which is French for - "shut your pie hole."  Again, perhaps I'm reaching with this one, but sexual innuendo in advertising is as old as the hills....take this vintage Winnebago ad:

Or this Custom Auto Trim service:

This same strategy has been attempted in the world of cycling before, but frequently has fallen a little short....

Yet surprisingly, this ad makes me want to bust out my old BMX bike with the mag wheels, crank up some Frankie Goes to Hollywood cassette and get dirty. 


  1. Sorry Pooh-bah, I don't have any meaningful links to honour your meaningful articles, but I do have another useless observation about your ads; in particular the Winnebago ad. I do love the LOVE cushion that ever-so-subtley compliments the ever-not-so-subtle innuendo of the whole ad. But one thing that leaves me a little disappointed... the look on her face. She (not 'she' the Winnebago, but 'she' the gorgeous blonde) doesn't seem too pleased, and she's not exactly snatching the drink out of the bloke's hand. Clearly they are both married, and perhaps even to each other. But the Winnebago isn't helping to fan the flames of passion. Indeed, she doesn't even want to get into the mood for some 'loose talk and foolish behaviour'. So much for buying a Winnie. No way. Not with that level of failage.

  2. I looked really hard at the "Gimme some trim!" ad and I couldn't see any trim at all. :-(