Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've taken a little heat over yesterday's post regarding the term I used in reference to the pubic region of Ms. Meghan Barnes, who crashed her car during mid-shave.  Apparently "hoo-ha" is not the most in-vogue terminology.  If this offended anyone, I want to apologize.  I had considered a number of other descriptive terms, and in retrospect fashion, discussed some with my Editor in Chief, the GEEC over dinner last night.  Not only had she never heard of any of them, a few left her dumbstruck and requiring explanations.  Such descriptive names are the ancient fodder of high-school locker rooms which somehow inexplicably remain in the male brain.  To hopefully put this matter to rest,  I'm guessing "hoo-ha" was a little juvenile, and I should have just called Ms. Barnes' groinal area like it was.
Seriously, can you imagine trying to shave this guy while driving a car?  You'd be all over the road!

At any rate, today is a day of great revelation in the world of bike-blogging.  Many of you, like me, enjoy the writings of Bike Snob NYC, who is the sole author and creater of the consummate bike-blog.  As you know, BSNYC has always refrained from revealing his identity and shrouded himself in anonymity.  Many have speculated that BSNYC is someone very popular and well-recognized within the cycling community, and as such, may have been hiding in plain sight since he started his now infamous blog in 2007.  Today, both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have released his true identity and it has come as a bit of shock to the cycling world:
BSNYC: Mario Cipollini

I'm joking....The Wall Street Journal is reporting that BSNYC is Mr. Eben Weiss, former bike messenger, amateur racer, literary agent and full-time writer.

Mr. Weiss will soon be releasing a new book, so believed it was time to step out of the shadows to more appropriately and effectively promote his literary work.  As the news agencies have picked up the story of his revealed identity, more details are emerging about who this mystery man really is.  Long-time readers of his blog will know of course that BSNYC says he is helped by his "shop monkey" named Vito.  Many have assumed that this 'helper' is his wife, girlfriend or partner.  Based on what we are reading in the papers today though, the possibility exists that Bike Snob may actually be a polygamist.

The Wall Street Journal claims that his wife is one Sara Goodman:

Whereas The New York Times claims he is married to Tamara Peterson:

Of course the other possibility is that Ms. Peterson is an ex-helper monkey.  Such is the dreaded speculation from which sweet anonymity provides avoidance, so let us hope that Mr. Weiss' trip out of the closet will not change his insight or writing prowess as he loses a bit of privacy.  Mr. Weiss has admitted that he never wished to remain anonymous forever, and prior to yesterday's big coming out party, Bike Snob would occasionally allow the release of various photos of himself, always with his face obscured, hinting at brief glimpses of his true persona.  In the spirit of Bike Snob's revelation I too have felt the pull of wishing to disclose a bit more about myself.....so have enclosed below a picture the GEEC took of me last evening wearing my favorite t-shirt which I donned in honor of yesterday's post.
(Many think the cycling beaver is an endangered species because of razor-happy people like Ms. Meghan Barnes, but I for one will continue to fight for their protection and preservation!) 

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  1. I've studied that lady's beaver and I can say 3 things about it: 1. Nice beaver! 2. Look's like somebody stuffed her beaver. 3. She has a very fat hairy beaver. (just saying).