Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeking Sponsorship: Don't make me put on my leprechaun costume again!

Today, of course, is St. Patrick's Day which essentially means that even if you are of Hungarian descent, you can claim to be 1/8th Irish so that you can go the bar, get ripped on green beer, and somehow justify dressing like a leprechaun hooker if the mood so strikes you.
Yes, the elusive leprechaun, who must give up his pot of gold if he is caught, has fueled the dreams of many a treasure seeker.  That certainly was the case recently in Alabama where citizens believed they had one cornered in a neighborhood tree.

Of course, I don't subscribe to such tomfoolery, and instead adhere to my own annual day St. Patty's ritual.  After waking up at 10 or so, I eat my weight in Lucky Charms and Guinness, and then cast aside my fez and don my own leprechaun costume, at which point I mosey down to the Flat Branch where I tend bar and offer up St. Patty's Day shots specials to all the fine ladies.
St. Patty's Day, 2008

I know this may reek of debauchery, but this blogging gig doesn't exactly have the money pouring in, and I need a way to secure my future.  Other formerly non-paid cycling-bloggers have recently taken to the endorsement of products and allowed actual permanent advertisements on their sites!  Why just yesterday we heard that Bike Snob is now being officially financially supported by "Just Coffee".

I've thus decided to troll a bit for permanent sponsorship myself.  I contacted any number of shops and retail establishments in Columbia to see if anyone was interested, and unfortunately had the portal of rejection slammed in my face at every turn.  Seeing what luck the Alabama leprechaun brought those fine folks got me thinking that perhaps I should try to outsource my financial backing, so I've chosen to look southward.  Now, I've not sealed the deal yet, but I'm certainly courting one establishment in the fine town of Auburn.

I know they don't have much to do with cycling, but they are the purveyors of some really fine fez-work.

And anyway, aside from most cyclists loving good coffee, what does "Just Coffee" have to do with bikes?  They're not even from New York, but rather based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Oh well, they actually look like a pretty cool company.

Ah well - until somebody steps up and wants to lend a PooBah a hand, everyone can come down to the Flat Branch tonight and see me...I'll be serving up 'cement mixers' to anyone wearing a green thong.  By the way  - let me know if you spot the leprechaun, I need to know 'where da gold at'.  Here's what he looks like.

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  1. PooBah,
    Last night for St. Pat's Day, we donned our green(ish) thongs and made our way to Flat Branch. However, we did not see any leprechaun costume-clad bar goers. We were also disappointed to find that, after ordering a round of cement mixers, we were the first to do least on that particular evening. Perhaps we didn't stay late enough. Oh well; maybe we'll be able to rendezvous next year!