Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Save the Tour of Missouri

As I'm sure many of you are aware, the Tour of Missouri is once again in jeopardy.  Governor Nixon has announced that $500 million needs to be cut from this year's budget and the Missouri state tourism department has not apparently included the race in the budget this year.  Brent Hugh, executive director of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, and Mike Weiss, president of the Missouri Bicycle Racing Association, have been working hard to save the Tour and we need to help them.  Go the Tour of Missouri's website and read the 10 ways you can help save the Tour.  This event has become one of the most presitigous professional bicycle races on American soil and not only allows cyclists exposure to some of their heroes, but has provided a major economic boost to the state in tourism dollars as well as increased bicycle sales.

As cycling fans, I'm sure many of you have some stories you can tell of the amazing experiences you have shared at one of the three previous are my top 5 moments from last year's race:

#5: Getting to see Zabriskie smoke the Time Trial up close
#4: Seeing George Hincapie wearing the US champion's stars and stripes and signing a woman's breastal region

#3: Watching Tom Zirbel share an awkward moment with his #1 fan after they run out of things to say....

#2 Liquigas girls!

#1 Looking behind me during the podium presentation in Jefferson City and observing the mass of cheering spectators.

Other ways to get in touch with Tour organizers and support organizations:
Tour of Missouri Twitter:

The tour is scheduled for Aug 31 - Sept 6 if it survives. 


  1. I thought I spotted a fez in the crowd at last year's Jeff City podium presentation.

    Let's hope the Tour can be saved!

  2. The fact that Missouri has repetitively hosted such a prestigious race is nothing short of a bicycling miracle as far as I'm concerned. I feel that the event as a whole makes cycling a much more ligitimate sport and activity in general throughout this State. I'll personally do what I can to support keeping the Tour of Missouri alive and encorage others to do the same.
    David Henderson