Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear PooBah: Friday Mail

We start today with some local business to attend if you are reading from Helsinki, or Stratford-on-Avon, or Moberly, just skip to the bottom of the post where there is a higher chance of seeing a scantily clad woman on a bike.  If you just can't wait, click here.....and then be patient  - I need to address the COMO scene, first.

#1) Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Don't put away your booties, and tights just yet.....let us all rejoice and revel in the snow that is on its way this weekend.
#2) Doctor Dan has informed us that there is a Happy Hour Benefit Show at MOJO's this evening at 5:00 PM to raise money for the good friend of local cycling legend and hard-ass Ethan Froese.  Come out for some excellent music and food and then chip in some coin for someone fighting the fight.

#3) The COMO POLO squad needs players!  Pete Ehrenav.a...i.......blah blah blah....has contacted me and wants me to pass along the general call out for new members who would like to play, or even watch some polo this spring.  (I admit it.....I like to watch.)  Here's the scoop - they practice at Cosmo Park on Sundays at 4PM.  They also play on the roof of the garage at the corner of Hitt and Elm when they're not being hassled by the man. They accept cyclists of all genres and are a rare COMO cycling clique that actually doesn't discriminate.  They've also got all the equipment you need...(including loaner bikes).  Give them a shout at their website for more questions.  I believe they are slated to compete in 5 or 6 tourneys coming up in the spring and can you resist passing up a chance to compete for, and possibly win a Chrome Barbie messenger bag?

On with the mail!

Dear PooBah
The epic Milan San-Remo race is tomorrow and is being carried by Universal Sports on TV at 2:00PM!  I'm so pumped as some of this year's major players will be competing.  Do you have any favorites?
Chip H.

Well, I'm excited to see how Cavendish can do, but don't know if he's up to speed yet.  He's carrying around a lot of extra weight these days....mostly comprised of about 5 pounds of scrap metal on his teeth.
Of course, you've also got his old teammate Edvald Boasson Hagen who just won a stage at Tirreno-Adriatico, but my main concern with him is whether or not he has gotten over his recent tangle with a stalker who called himself 'The Maritime Mr. Maggoo' and stated openly that he liked to sniff Edvald's pits.....kinda creepy.

Dear PooBah
I know you have an affinity for TruckNuts, so thought I'd show you the pair I just recently got for my bike and get your opinion.  Do you think these will give me a little cred on the Saturday AM group ride?
James R.

No question....but let me tell you - if you're planning on riding this weekend, you can expect those babies to be tucked up around your kidneys its going to be so cold.

Dear PooBah-
Check out the new trick I'm working on!  This shit is EPIC!
Frank F.

You know what?  At first glance, I would have guessed that you and I had absolutely nothing in common.  But after thinking about your trick, and the fact that my day job makes me feel like I'm constantly having to jump through flaming hoops buck-ass naked, I gotta say....we're living parallel lives, my friend.  My only advice...spray a little flame retardant on the twig and berries and get a hair cut - you don't want to pull a "Michael Jackson pepsi commerical".  Oh and yeah -  your seat's too low.

Dear PooBah
I'm thinking of opening up a new bike shop in COMO and becoming a bike mechanic but am worried about the competition in town between Tryathletics, Walt's, Cyclex and Klunk....I mean - take the last two....Brinker and Karl really know their stuff....and plus - they've also become COMO quasi-cycling sex-symbols!  That in itself draws in a lot of customers.  Do you think I will be able to break into the market?
You've got nothing to worry about....

Have a great weekend everyone.  Ride safe, stay warm, support a good cause tonight, check out COMO POLO, watch Milan-San Remo tomorrow and see you on Monday!  And if you are racing Dogwood on are my hero.



  1. Dogwood is canceled :-( or is it :-)

  2. DH: Thanks for the heads up....too bad - I think quite a few COMO cyclists would have been contenders for the KOM prize, if not podium finishes...Let me know if you hear of a rain date....

  3. I will be in the Columbia area during the summer and would be interested in knowing if there are arts and crafts shows during the weekends...Coming in from Alaska, and from Bali respectively...with some cool goodies, thanks for the heads up on whats happen'in, Bill