Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear PooBah: Friday Mail

Because I am the author of a blog, I suppose I can be considered a 'blogger'....much as one who fishes is called a 'fisher' or one who makes leps is a 'leper'.  Therefore, I feel I can speak for most bloggers in saying that comments are typically a welcome and appreciated thing.  It lets the author know if he or she has aroused even the smallest of reactions.  And beyond that, the author has the opportunity to learn something more about that which he is writing from folks who are far more knowledgable.  Therefore, I was particularly pleased to see the last comment made to yesterday's post:
I cannot tell you the overwhelming feeling of relief that is circulating within COMO CYCO headquarters this morning upon reading this, knowing that I can put aside my straps and rings!  Ah, tomorrow is going to be a brighter (and BIGGER day!)

With that - I bring you your Friday's installment of Reader Mail:

Dear PooBah-
COMO just had it's first road race of the season - and we get no race report from you?  What gives?
Thomas F.

I know, I know.  Last Sunday was the annual Froze Toes race here in Columbia.  Every year, I typically dust off my trainer the night before the big event and spin for about 12 minutes (or until I vomit on my Monkees reunion tour concert T-shirt) in preparation for entering the big event, much like my college roomate would finally open his Calculus text book for the first time the night before the final exam.  However this year, I had to miss the race because of work.  I've been trying to gather up some info on the event to provide you with the best possible post-race report, and what I've been able to gather is some "in the peloton" footage so you can experience the race for yourself from multiple points of view.

The men's 1-2 was won by Dave Henderson on a solo counter attack near the end of the race.  If you are anything like me, and the concepts of being firstly, a Cat 1-2, secondly fast, or third, being capable of mounting a solo attack after already laying down 60 or so miles into a crosswind are foreign to you, you should watch this while you read this.  Impressive.

However if you are, say over 30, and a Cat 5 (guilty and guilty) and have attempted racing at all without knowing what in the hell you are doing (guilty), then this is likely what you have experienced at one point or another.
This video was captured by "chopkins077" at this year's Froze Toes...the caption on YouTube pretty much sums it up....."Froze Toes 2010 Cat5 30+ (odd group).  Wreck on a flat, straight, smooth road - 15 miles in."  'Nuff said.

Now - if you were a deer running along side the Froze Toes route, and you really wanted to cross the road, but were too impatient to wait for all of those old guys to drag their sorry asses down the pavement - what would you do?

Dear PooBah-
I read your post yesterday about the potential dangers of riding on a saddle which possesses a nose on it.  Your post on this was pretty male-oriented.  What about women?  Are we at risk too?
Cathy C.

Yes.  Although not as much appears to be published on this topic, there is some important info out there.  You can start by reading this which will guide you to some articles.  But thanks to a photo that a reader recently sent me, we now know that this is not the only risk posed for women wishing to ride nosed-saddles:

Dear PooBah,
I just wanted to share a thought with your readers....The best way to visit a foreign country is to do so by bicycle.  This way you immerse yourself in the culture and you don't seem so 'touristy'.  My wife took this picture of me on our bike tour through Budapest, and I think you will see what I mean.
Walter M.

That is no blend in so well, I actually had to stare at this photo for about 10 minutes before I could even spot you!  Well done.

Dear PooBah-
I'm writing to you from Manitoba.  I see from the Weather Channel that spring appears to be springing there in Columbia, but up here, life is still pretty fricking cold and miserable.  I miss my bike so much that last weekend I resorted to taking it to our annual polar bear club swim.  I know extreme cold temperatures can change the material properties of certain you think I'm OK doing this?
Susie H.
Susie, haven't done anything here that a couple of carefully placed band aids can't conceal.

Dear PooBah-
Check it out.....I finally got my new fixie, I'm learning how to track stand and I'm busting tattoos on both of my forearms.  What else do I need to be a hipster?
Stevie Z.
Man, I think you are there.  My only suggestions would be to either move out of your Mom and Dad's place, or at least convince them to replace that Thomas Kinkade painting over the fireplace and swap out the Dr. Pepper for some PBR.

Dear PooBah-
Check out the new custom painted Serotta spotted at the NAHBS last weekend.  It looks like it's made out of wood!  My entire office is done in rich mahogony, so this would be a perfect addition to my life.  Any idea if this frame style will be made available to the general public?  If not - maybe I could make them an offer?
Sydney M., DDS

Dr. M-
I think for the right price, anything is for sale.  You are probably only a couple of root canals and an impacted molar away from ensconcing your taint in faux wood.

Thanks for reading everyone-Have a great and safe weekend.

Pedal on!



  1. The bare ass photo is gross! That poor girl.

  2. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE RECCOMEND A GOOD BIKE SEAT THAT TAKES PRESSURE OFF THE COCCYX BONE, PELVIS SITTING BONES AND LOWER BACK? ALSO, NEEDS TO BE WIDE ENOUGH FOR MY FAT ASS. I Am serious.. lol. I have a back injury in my L4 -S1 region (lumbar - sacral) and unstability in myh sacral coccyx joint with bruising. I have bought about 20 bike seats and my bones hurt so bad, and pressure in my coccyx and sacral region is unbearable. I must lose weight (gained 80 lbs since my injury in 2005). Bought a spinner, want to use it but can't! Please would appreciate input. Be nice. lol........ so I need a wide seat for my ass, preferably noseless to releive pressure on the pelvis and coxxyx . which seats are best? Thanks.