Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Filippo Pozzato: Baring it like Beckham

Those readers of cyclingnews are probably familiar with the blogs and diaries the website features written by some well known (and no-so-well-known) cyclists including Andy Shleck, Taylor Phinney, Liz Hatch and David Millar to name a few.  Today, however, they published the first blog entry of Filippo Pozzato, the Italian National Road Race Champion who was Tom Boonen's "shadow" at last year's Paris-Roubaix.

In this inaugural posting, Filippo says,

"I know that some people think I'm the David Beckham of the peloton......he's proved he's a great athlete as well as a global sports star."
It appears as though Pozzato has taken quite the shine to Becks and is attempting to emulate him in many ways, most notably by going shirtless as much as possible.  His first blog entry is titled "Only God can judge me" which is so named because of the new tattoo on his back which he proudly demonstrated in true Beckham fashion at the recent Tour of Qatar.
But what baffled the 3 or 4 fans who actually gave a shit about his tattoo, was the indiscernible scrawled design work below the deity-empowered phrase.  Perhaps some thought there were hidden symbols in the inkwork, that would lead the astute viewer to a biblical secret in the style of Dan Brown, but alas, thanks to his blog posting, we now know that Pozzato is not carrying some lost symbol of an ancient God-fearing society, but rather....

"in the middle of having a huge carp done, because in eastern culture it's a fish that's supposed to bring good luck."

So divinity is left to judge, but cycling fish are sought for good fortune.  Well, it certainly worked for Guinness.

If Pozzato really wanted to emulate his footballing counterpart, however, one would have thought that he would have had an angel tattooed upon his spine like Beckham, instead of a carp.
Instead, Pozzato wanted to keep his Beckster iconography closer to his core by having a similar image emblazened upon his saddle, only with the phrase "Blonde Angel."
One can only assume that because of his own golden-locks, Pozzato is referring to himself as such.  Of course, nestling an angel (even a falsely-idolizing blonde angel fashioned to resemble oneself) so close to one's taint might be considered sacrilegious, especially on this of all days, Ash Wednesday.  There does appear to be some evidence, however that Pozzato has repented and sought forgiveness for his cycling sins, by the recent appearance of an ash-smeared face....
as well as welts across his pre-tattooed back, clearly obtained through repentent self-flagellation (although he claims these were actually incurred during a hailstorm during the 2007 Tour de Switzerland.)
This, if nothing else, should demonstrate that Pozzato is his God Carp's humble servant and knows how to keep his modest feet on the ground.....or on his handlebars....or wrapped around his girlfriends face.....whatever.
Pedal on!