Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CC Film Fest, Day 3


Welcome back, cycling filmsters....I hope you are enjoying this film fest more than I'm enjoying my conference.  Right about now I'm sitting through another boring lecture on "Cycling Blog Management, The Art of Monetizing" while you get to watch more cycling movies.  I hope you realize how lucky you are!

Ok - let's get to it.  Today's theme is 'the rough and tumble life of the roadie' or what could also have been called 'the power of the moustache....;

Our Feature Film of the day is none other than American Flyers (1985). (Yeah - you knew you were waiting for this one....well here it is!)  Tomatometer: 60% (REALLY?)  Starring Kevin "pre-tetonka" Costner sporting a nice porn-stache, Rae Dawn Chong, David Marshall Grant and Alexandra Paul...who may take her shirt off in this if memory serves......At any rate, the tag line is "They're four one-of-a-kind people taking a chance....and going after a dream that will change their lives forever."  My God, I wish movies today inspired such poetry.

Today's Sweet Short Film is brought to us by the Cycling Inquisition blog.  If you are not familiar with this blog, it truly is a must read.  At any rate, he brings to us a tale of professional cyclist Michel Zanoli who had some anger issues, and many years ago, punched American Davis Phinney in the nose during a sprint and gave him a Hitler moustache comprised of his own blood, which we see in this clip as Phinney tells Greg LeMond the whole sordid tale.

Don't let this happen to you.  If you are frustrated enough you want to give someone a Hitler moustache, just remember....who was the last person you saw with a Hitler moustache?  Exactly...Hitler.  And he was bad.  I know Charlie Chaplin had that moustache first, but Hitler had it last....and we don't need anymore like him.  So don't punch people.

Pedal on!

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  1. Sure you're sitting thru another boring lecture at a conference!!!