Monday, February 8, 2010

CC Film Fest Day 1

Welcome to the COMO CYCO Film Fest, Day 1

Before we get started, I should say a few things.  First of all, there exists in our society, a great dearth of high quality cycling-related film.  I realize that this statement requires a disclaimer with some specified exclusion criteria for what I'm considering "high quality."

Exclusion criteria:
1) Any film featuring a fixed-gear riding club riding fixies from one city to another while trying to emote  epicness.  To those films I say this.  "You're riding a fixed gear bike between two cities.  Welcome to the year 1887.  It was necessary then, now it's not.  It was never epic.  Stop filming yourselves."
2) Any film by macaframa.
3) Any music video touted to be a short film which features Jared Leto or the Flaming Lips.
4) Any non-COMO themed rides (yes I'm biased - but I don't want to see anymore bare Portland asses or tweed rides.)
5) Any MASH film.
6) Any non Danny MacAskill trick bike film.

Secondly, I obviously cannot show you full length, or even truly "High Quality" bicycle films.  Come on....this is a cheap-ass blog.  I'm not even getting paid for this shit.  Therefore, each day I will give you the name and a clip for a cycling-related feature film and it's respective rating.  Then, you can leave your place of COMO CYCO readership, ride your sweet-ass Huffy down to the nearest Movie Gallery, rent said film, then ride to the store, load up on pork rinds, ride home, pop your movie into the DVD player, crawl into your Snuggie and pretend like you're in some campy art-cinema like RagTag.  After the clip for the feature film, I will give you another short film, full of cycling sweetness (or more-likely completely devoid of sweetness) of my choosing.

Today's theme is 'a cyclist wronged' and brings you two tales of love and loss of bicycles....

Today's Feature Film Trailer:  Beijing Bicycle (2002). PG-13.  Foreign.  Tomatometer: 62%

Today's Sweet short film:  Broken Pinky Promise:

Pedal on!

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