Friday, February 12, 2010

CC Film Fest Day 5

COMO CYCO Film Fest Day 5

Today is the fifth and final day of the 2010 COMO CYCO Film Festival.  I wish I could tell you that bringing these movies to you has been a joy, but in all honesty, it's made me realize how old I am.  Today's flick is no exception.  But before I announce the final Feature Film presentation I probably need to preemptively quiet some grumbling that is no doubt about to occur.  I know I don't have A Sunday in Hell, or Overcoming, or The Bicycle Thief, or Hell on Wheels or the Road to Roubaix on the list this time.....but......this list wasn't generated necessarily on the informative or accurate depiction of cycling, but rather the entertainment value....which sometimes means the enjoyment one gets from watching a bad movie (especially if it involves nudity).

But what I do offer you on this final day of the Festival is my personal favorite cycling movie:  Breaking Away (1979). Tomatometer: 94% (ka-POW!).  Centering on the real-life Little 500 bicycle race held at Indiana University every year, this film stars Dennis Christopher as Dave Stohler....who used to be as normal as pumpkin pie....

And finally, to appease those grumbling about the absence of some Triplettes....

Pedal on!


  1. Ya gotta love those Triplettes singing their cool song in that crazy, strange video!

  2. Thanks for this enjoyable, 'electic?' Film Fest. Hope you enjoyed the 'conference'!