Thursday, February 11, 2010

CC Film Fest Day 4

COMO CYCO Film Festival Day 4
You know, I've been thinking....if this thing takes off - maybe next year I will try to rent out the Missouri Theatre for a weekend and do it up right.  Everyone would have to bring their own Snuggies though, because God only knows what would be going on under those things during the flicks.....

Anyway...Today's theme is 'Flying'......

And today's Feature Film is: The Flying Scotsman (2007).  Tomatometer: 51%.  Starring Jonny Lee Miller as Graeme Obee in his real-life pursuit of the hour record on a bike he makes himself out of spare parts.

And sticking with the 'flying' theme, I bring you your Sweet Short Film of the day, titled "Lucky Bigwheel Jump."  Now, I realize that technically speaking, this guy is not on a bike.  However....I dare you to try to only watch this video one time....

Fly on!

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