Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Tour analysis: Heated discussions!

It's Monday morning at work after the first day in the Alps in the Tour de France and the water cooler is positively buzzing with conversation regarding the proceedings of the weekend.  Well actually, not really.  A) There is no water cooler where I work and B) I'm the only one at my job that even knows that there is bike race in France currently.  So in reality, I'm kind of sitting in my office alone discussing the weekend's proceedings with my small desktop figure of Darth Vader.
Regardless, both Darth and I are positively buzzing about Stages 6,7 and 8 which saw some serious drama.  And what better day to revisit what happened than on a rest day?  As with most good analysis, more questions result than what are answered.

Take, for example the fist fight that occured between Carlos Barredo and Rui Costa after Stage 6.

Certainly, as temperatures have risen in France, so followed temperments.  Thankfully, Frankie Andreu was close by to help break up the melee.  But many questions remain.  For example, why is Frankie wearing a white dickey with the number '69' printed on it?

And what is Spanish for "Suck on your own Conti-clad Fast Forward wheel!"
Rui Costa prepares to beat Barredo with his own front wheel.

Does anyone else find it ironic that two Spaniards were caught beating the hell out of one another with a Dutch-made front wheel two days before Spain beat the Netherlands in the World Cup?  This kind of eerily accurate premonition could rival even that of Paul the Octopus!

But by far, the most relevant post race analysis of the weekend was a re-creation of the discussion held between Lance Armstrong and Radio Shack director, Johan Bruyneel after the Stage 8 debacle in which Armstrong suffered 3 crashes and finished in excess of 11 minutes down.  I should warn you that the language used in this video is not suitable for all viewers (like young children, RadioShack executives, Floyd Landis, shorter men who are follicularly challenged, and anyone who drinks Michelob Ultra.)

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