Tuesday, July 27, 2010

STFU: Shut The Fouten Up.....and lock the door!

Ye' olde day job is killing me today - so just a few quick notes of things on my brain:

First - a big recognition to reader 'Haricot Verts' (which, by the way, translates roughly from French to English into "beans that are green") who not only won the first ever COMO CYCO caption contest, but also elected to donate his winnings to the CBC juniors or PedNet.  I'm in the process of figuring out how to make that donation happen and will report back to you when I do....

Secondly, (and this only applies to you if you like to ride the lovely "Ashland loop", are of the male persuasion and find yourself in need of using the restroom at this Break Time gas station in Ashland from time to time.)
Be warned.  The lock on the men's room door does not work.  And it doesn't matter if the entire store is empty at the time you decide you need to use the bathroom (to go #2 no less), because as soon as you sit down on the toilet, an entire school bus of 5th graders will enter the store at that precise moment, and proceed to bust in on you while you are "losing some heat."  The appearance of which is made that much more entertaining to the children because a) it's 145 degrees out and you are sweating like a whore on dollar day, and b) you've had to remove your jersey so you can lower your bib shorts.  Nothing like seeing a fully grown, profusely sweating, topless man on the can.  Sorry kids.

Thirdly.  I read this story on Cyclingnews today and thought I would share it with you.  It's Johan Bruyneel's comments regarding Andy Shleck and Alberto Contador that were originally published yesteday in the Dutch paper De Telegraaf.  I've copied a few quotes below - but please feel free to follow the link to read the whole story.  I've also posted a link here to the original piece Bruyneel wrote for De Telegraaf entitled "Shleck maakte fouten" which I originally thought meant "Shleck makes futons", but later realized meant "Shleck made mistakes."

"The outcome of the Tour was more exciting than I expected. This wasn't because Andy Schleck rode so well but because Alberto Contador was so disappointing in the final time trial," he said.

"With some dismay I watched his (Shleck's) time trial in Paullac. With such strong winds, he was totally wrong on the bike. Just by his position, he lost at least half a minute on Saturday. His position on the bike was a disaster," he added.

"If you look at the final results and realise that he lost the Tour by 39 seconds, in fact his battle for the yellow jersey seemed over before it all began. Of course he will never be a great time trialist....."

Johan.  With all due respect...


  1. This is too f'n funny. One for the record books if you ask me.

  2. I'm really confused PooBah. Why is an enthusiasts' journal about early communication technology - De Telegraaf - publishing stuff written by some hack director sportif of a defunct semi-pro cycling team?

  3. Thanks guys...

    Last Dog - what a great question. He apparently writes a regular column for de Telegraaf, oddly enough. As to the "defunct semi-pro" team...any guesses as to how long RadioShack will last now that the Tour is over and LA has moved on to greener pastures?