Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Mail: Of racing, art and impending nudity

We start this morning with a little rundown on some local racing.  This weekend finds the Tour de Grove in St. Louis, which is the highest paying single-day race in Missouri.  The NRC premier races will be held on Sunday, but new this year are crits and night street sprints to be held on Saturday.  Follow the link for more information.  And in conjunction with the Tour is Art Crank St. Louis, an exhibit of cycling posters created by local artists to be held at the Atomic Cowboy.  This is a fantastic way to feed a starving artist and get some amazing cycling-related art, like this!

I'm really excited about this, as I've been needing another bike inspired piece of art to compliment my newly purchased oil painting of a serene, yet pensive, Tom Boonen:

I just love this painting.  There is something so angelic about Tommeke here.....his eyes seem to follow me all over COMO CYCO headquarters - no matter where I go. 

And speaking of St. Louis, remember that you only have one more week to decide what you are going to wear for the 2010 World Naked Bike Ride to be held in St. Louis on June 19th!  Here was last year's poster for the event which illustrates a giant headless naked woman who is apparently in the act of dismounting her unicycle so that she can dry hump the St. Louis arch. 

Being the cultivator of a blog that occasionaly shows a scantily clad woman or two astride bicycles, I certainly am not one to criticize about how female cyclists should be portrayed, but is anyone else somewhat disturbed by the fact that the artist of the aforementioned poster chose to draw the naked woman sans head?  Perhaps this year's Naked Ride organizers could meet up with some of the Art Crank artists for a new marketing strategy.

At any rate, I am happy to bring you this week's reader mail.  Have a great weekend!

Dear PooBah,
Writing you from Nottingham, UK!  I know this is a cycling blog, but were you aware that England will be playing the US in world cup football on Saturday?  Prepare to have your collective bums thoroughly whipped!  By the way, thought you might appreciate a picture of me on my bike!

Sweet Moulton.  I especially like what you've done with the twin-mounted bottles on the saddle.  It kind of makes it look like you have a little jet pack on your seat.  By the way, I may be mistaken, but it looks like Dr. Who just landed in the woods behind you...better scurry along before he thinks you are representative of cycling culture all over the planet.

Dear PooBah,
I am a huge advocate for commuting to work by bike and try to encourage those around me to do the same; so much so that I frequently let the people I work with take my bike out to run errands.  However I get sick of seeing the paint job of my vintage road frame nicked and scratched from my co-workers not practicing safe cycling.  So I wrapped the entire thing with old inner tubes.  Do you think this will provide enough protection?
Jerry T.

Wow great idea.  It's kind of like a condom for your bike....just don't forget the higher contact areas that are really at risk....the saddle and the handlebars.  No need to risk exposing them either!

Better yet, why don't you just get one of these for the office?

Dear PooBah,
I recently had a bad crash on my bike which really deformed the rear fender.  I thought it was trashed but was surprisingly able to bend it back into shape by squeezing it between my thighs.  I just thought I would pass the tip along to your readers in case they found themselves in the same predicament!
Mary M.

Great tip!  Thanks a bunch.  By the way - it looks like you smeared a little grease in your cleavage by accident...or is that a tattoo...or is it hair?  Ummmm...nevermind.  By the way - be careful of those spot-welded stamped drop outs you've jammed into your stays....I'm not sure of the weight-rating on something like that, but....ummmm.... nevermind.  Good luck with the repairs!

Dear PooBah,
I've been thinking of joining the CBC (Columbia Bike Club) race team but stumbled upon this photo on their website which has me a little worried....I'm not sure I would fit in?
Bruce J.

This photo is a little misleading and shouldn't concern or intimidate you.  You don't have to ride carbon deep dish wheels to be on CBC. 

Good luck to all the folks racing in St. Louis this safe!


  1. I am very disturbed by the last photo. I feel like I just saw the movie, "The Crying Game".

    These last several races I have raced sans teammates. After seeing that image, I'm ok with that. I don't think I'm that dedicated.

  2. Jerry T. you can use bar tape instead of old rubber tubes, i used it with my singlespeed and they look much better............