Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Mail

It felt like Friday would never arrive, and yet here we are again.  In local racing news, The Down and Dirty Mountain bike race is happening in Warsaw this weekend, and I have it on good authority that some local fat tire afficionados will be throwing down.  Godspeed gentlemen.  Overseas, the Criterium du Daupine begins on Sunday and will feature a very lengthy time trial on Stage 3 (49 km) and mountain top finish on the Alpe d'Huez on Stage 6....all the heavy hitters won't be there as some are recovering from the Giro and Tour of Cali, but Contador is playing to win and should be the favorite. 

And now onto Friday Mail.

Dear PooBah-
I've heard that is dangerous to wear an ipod while cycling because I may not be able to hear approaching cars.  Thus, I came up with an alternative way to listen to tunes while riding.  I have to tell you, you should hear how Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor resonates through the streets through this system.  Just thought your readers might be interested.
Cecil H.

Thanks, man. Yeah - this is definitely safer than wearing the ipod earbuds. You still won't be able to hear approaching cars, but they will definitely know where you are.

Dear PooBah-
What's the statute of limitations on being able to pull of being naked in public on a bike?
Harry T.

Good question.  I think it's probably different for everybody, and there is likely a significant grey zone for  most individuals.  But I think a general rule of thumb you can use is that if you are at risk for snagging your scrotum in your chain ring, your statute may have run out.

Dear PooBah,
I know there are a number of dog trailers for bicycles on the market so avid cyclists don't have to leave their best friends behind.  But my buddy is my cat, Chuck.  Are there any options for bringing him with me on my rides?

Easy one - cat fanny pack.  By the way - why does your cat only have one ear?  That's weird....

Dear PooBah,
Check out the new sticker I got for the top tube on my commuter!  Bikes RULE!
Greg K.

I think I saw you at the Casey's in Hallsville the other day!  You shouldn't sell yourself so short, though.  Your other car is acutally a HUGE penis!

Dear PooBah,
I know this is random, but have you ever noticed that Victoria Beckham looks like a Sleestak?
Rikki M.

Weird.....but have you ever noticed how Steven Tyler kinda looks like Chaka?

Dear PooBah,
I ride a vintage Pinarello and absolutely love it.  I've been having some shifting issues with it and oddly, the mechanic at my bike shop insists that my seat height is actually the problem.  He keeps having me return to the shop and checks my saddle height while I stand over the top tube for hours on end.  At the end of each of these fitting sessions, he keeps telling me that we've not got it dialed in yet, and has me set up another appointment.  He is so sweet in that he never charges me, but I'm still a little unclear as to how my seat height could be related to my shifting?
Can you shed any light onto this?
Thank you!
Kary H.

Very interesting.  The problem could also be coming from your stem or handlebars.  I imagine he's going to want to examine your front end cockpit next.  I cannot speak from experience, but am guessing being a bike mechanic is a pretty thankless job....long hours, poor wages, ungrateful clients, and of course having to work on cheap, department store bikes.  If he wants to labor over the finer points of your Pinarello from time to time, who's to blame him?  I should warn you though, shifting issues can be tricky to figure could take years of careful examination.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Win! I'm sitting at Jiffy Lube as I read this. I'm going to have to ask the mechanics here if they have changed the oil on that penis lately. Question: would that giant penis fit in Jiffy Lube? It seems to me that Jiffy Lube is the most appropriate place to service such a ride.

  2. You are the Dear Abby of crazed cycling blogs. Keep it up ... and I'm not talking about the phallic vehicles.