Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home again in Missery

It's good to be home at last after a long work-related trip that involved some interesting volcano dodging.  And despite the delays and diversions to avoid something the airlines are now referring to as the "ash cloud", I have to admit that it's still good to remember that mother nature can whoop our asses when she feels like it.  At any rate, I got back in time to learn that someone rather unexpected was in the maglia rosa of the Giro.
My feelings about this?  I agree with this kid.
"Boo," I say.

However, this certainly will be short lived, as the race has just begun, and much volatility is about to unfold with today's Team Time Trial and mountinous stages soon to come.  But it already appears as though I need to pick a new pony for this race.

Interestingly, the race that has already demonstrated much tumult got started in rather scandalous fashion as well.  The opening ceremony last week featured displays of each team in full kit with bikes in tow for the public and press.  After each team was introduced, team leaders were instructed to sign the same team jersey worn by a supermodel appearing on stage with them.  Carlos Sastre demonstrated how to do this properly.
However, Caisse d'Epargne rider Marzio Bruseghin decided to go for another location to autograph and even manages to cop a feel whilst doing so.  And judging by his grimace, I'm guessing he should really try to adopt a more gentle touch.
And speaking of tumult in the pro peloton, it appears as though despite both the Missouri House and Senate approving a $1 million appropriation for the Tour of Missouri, it's still up in the air whether or not Governor Nixon is going to give the race the green light.  This has prompted even the injured VandeVelde, the 2008 Champion, to comment on Twitter.
And again, later....

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  1. Glad you're back. I was getting concerned. I was going to start listening to the police scanner, but then I remembered that I don't own one.