Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accepting risk: Mounting cougars and getting "fased"

Most cyclists accept the fact that riding a bicycle is subject to certain risks.  Examples would include getting hit by a car, slipping on an icy patch out on a frozen trail, or filming a BikeSkills instructional video:

Today I've learned that an additional threat to Missouri cyclists might be the odd encounter with a cougar.  No, not this kind of cougar...

This kind of cougar:
Yesterday, the Columbia Tribune reported that the body of a cougar that was killed Sunday in Ray County was brought to the Missouri Department of Conservation officials here in COMO.  The young male had climbed a tree where it was shot in the head by the landowner.  According to the story, the animals are protected in the state, but can be killed if they present a danger to livestock or people, and the farmer that shot him claimed the cougar had killed one of his cattle.  A full necropsy on the animal is planned, including examinination of its stomach contents so that the Conservation officers can learn more about the animals living in Missouri.  On a side note, I'm a little curious as to what happens if the cougar's stomach is found to not be full of cow, but rather something a little smaller and easier for a young male cougar to hunt.  At any rate, I for one, will feel much, much safer riding out in the country now that this threat has been eradicated......The Missourian is reporting that according to one resource scientist with the Department,

"The cat will be mounted and put in a nature center somewhere in the state.....It's a great opportunity to educate."

There's nothing like the educational opportunities to be had from mounting a cougar. 

Speaking of things that will sit around and collect dust needlessly, a COMO man needs our help as was announced in craigslist yesterday:

mens bike wanted (como)
"all right guys, i need some help, my lovely girlfriend come up with this great idea we need bikes ! shes bought hers but i refuse to in hopes this is just a fase shes going through, I need a mens bike in great shape ! i know someone has on takin up space thats not being used ! help me out to make her happy ! text me at 573-XXX-XXXX, again, I AM NOT going to buy, I am simply looking for one that is no longer being used, in the way or simply unwanted, i know someone can help, Thanks"

Yes, let's hope this gentleman's lady is just going through a 'fase'.  I'd hate to see what happens if the two get truly obsessed with the sport.  Before long, he will be guilting us into giving him new upgrades and components that we might have laying aournd our home shops left and right.

And while we're on the topic of being 'fased' by things....this photo caught my eye today over at cyclingnews regarding team Quick Step's recent training camp and promotional photos taken for their new sponsor, Innergetic, a mattress company.  Sure, there is the semi-erotic slant to the photo of the Quick Step boys all sleeping on one another back-to-front while wearing their rubber pants (not that there is anything wrong with that), but what is more disconcerting to me is the appearance of the top half of a human head floating around Niki Terpstra's left thigh.
My best guess is that Quick Step hired themselves a new midget soigneur to help out with post-ride rubdowns.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I suppose he could work pretty efficiently if you didn't mind getting your massage while standing, but you'd have to lie on the floor for him to work on you lying down.  I need to stop thinking about this...it's "fasing" me out.

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  1. Mountain lions are no joke. I shit you not, I know of a case where a mountain lion ate a cyclist (who went to school at Mizzou)and tried to eat another person. Mark Reynolds was for dinner.

    As a result, I am not a fan of mountain lions here in Missouri. (they are basically extinct here except for a few reported cases).