Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Complete Guide for the Halloween Cyclist

Halloween is just around the corner, and as cyclists, I am of the opinion that we are in a unique position to celebrate the festivities more vehemently than the average citizen, because 1) we already exist on the fringe of normal society and 2) we are better connected with who we were as children when cycling was our main mode of transportation and Halloween was  a highlight of the year.  Why shouldn't the two be combined?  After all, the legend of the headless cyclist has been circulating for centuries.

More terrifying than a headless cyclist, however is a headless fixie.

One of the richest of all Halloween traditions, second only to the flaming bag of poo of course, is dressing up in costumes, to conceal one's identity.  It is believed that this practice comes from a Celtic tradition in which disguises were worn on the Eve of All Saint's Day (October 31) to placate the evil spirits.  It seems, based on some of the recent comments made in the Tribune, that evil, anti-cycling spirits abound in Columbia these days, thus possibly requiring some extra placation.

If you are in search of a cycling-related Halloween costume - look no further.  As your COMO CYCO PooBah and purveyor of all cycling things ridiculous and random, I have tried to do the footwork for you and give you some sweet, sweet Hallo-cycling-ween inspiration.  Honestly, costumes of many kinds have become standard fare and inseparable from cycling culture.  Why not try to bust one of these out at your Halloween festivities this year.

The Devil, invoking hellish visions at a number of the European tours.

The Specialized Angel, a marketing campaign used by the cycling company to complement and capitalize on the popularity of the Devil, but with a little more sex appeal.

Even the Devil himself is tempted.  Courtesy

Another kind of devil toting a pitchfork made of massive syringes mocking accused dopers at this year's tour of California.  It doesn't appear as though LA is impressed.

Borat at the Tour de France.  Nobody is impressed with this.

Sumo wrestlers and... antlered tool at the Tour of California.

And while we're on the topic of antlers, don't forget about your bike.  I'm sure he or she would love to join in on the trick or treating with his/her own costume as well.



A giant illuminated bike-snake.

And if you want to go for over-the-top cycling costume gold - just try any of the incarnations of 'Super Mario' Cipollini.  The guy was a walking costume shop.


Julius Caesar Cipollini

Tigger Cipollini

Mario Dynamite

Ok - so you've got your costume, and you've got your bike decked out....but now you need someplace to  get your Halloween freak on.  For any town to be able to retain any cycling street cred, it MUST have a Halloween cycling bash.  This is essential.  For example....

Austin, TX has the Zombie Ball.

Seattle, WA has the 9th annual Messman's Messquerade.

Portland, OR is hosting the Oregon Homemade Bicycle Show.

What about our humble Columbia, Missouri?  Well friends, Mike Denehy and the Off Track Events crew bring us the MidMo Bike Ride to Rocheport and Halloween Bash!  This will prove to be the single best Halloween cycling bash in the entire midwest and should not be missed.

The BRR and Halloween Bash will include the following:

  • a 34 mile ride to Rocheport and back via the MKT and KT trails
  • free T-shirts
  • Live music and street festival in Rocheport
  • Costume contest
  • River party at Katfish Katy's
  • Blufftop party at Les Bourgeois Vineyards
  • Bike parade through Rocheport
  • And the promise of ghoulish prizes galore.
You can make this a two-day event with camping and gear transport to Katfish Katy's.  Take this option and watch Ghostbusters and Army of Darkness late into the witching hour.  Or you can return to Columbia Halloween evening and partake in the Halloween parade led by the COMO Derby Dames followed by a multitude of musical festivities going on at Mojo's, the Blue Note and RagTag.  For a complete rundown of the COMO musical scene Halloween night, visit A Ravenous Horde.

The festivities start 9:00 AM at Flat Branch park.  All info can be found right here.

Let's get our freaky cycling selves together and beat those anti-cycling spirits with their fear of free bike lights, official bike lanes and spandex into submission Halloween night!

Pedal On!


  1. And will the secret identity of the Poobah be revealed at the MidMo Bike Ride?