Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday MALE: 2011 COMO CYCO Swimsuit Edition

Not all of you may read the comments left by the few readers that the COMO CYCO blog actually has.  But if you do, you may have noticed a recurrent theme as of late.  Especially after yesterday's post which featured a picture of a frozen heart-shaped dog turd that I encountered on my way to work.  Now, I realize that many of you may not have found this photograph as amusing as I did.  And I admit that with the bitterly cold winter we have had, looking at a frozen pile of feces is probably the last thing anyone needs or requires to warm themselves up.  So, whether it is the long, cold winter we have had, or the onset of giddyness in response to news of the sunny heat wave we are about to experience this weekend here in mid-Missouri, there has been a general outcry for more "girls on bikes." 

First off, let me say that I'm ashamed of every one of you that has had such a desire, or worse, made such a suggestion.  I value my female readership as I do female cyclists.  I live with one, ride with many, and have had my ass handed to me by more than a few while climbing hills or sprinting for city limit signs.  Insulting, embarassing or demeaning anyone is the last thing I would ever want to do. 

However, I do feel the need to respond to comments and suggestions made to me.  After all - this is the Columbia Missouri Cycling Cooperative and is thus "for and by" the good people of Columbia....and it seems that those persons with "burritos in their pockets" have spoken loudest lately.  Therefore, it is under great duress that I have decided to bow to the coercion of the commentors and forego the typical Friday Mail post for one more week.  Thus, in the spirit of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, I bring you the entirely male-oriented 2011 COMO CYCO Swimsuit(esque) Edition:  Putting this together was an arduous task to say the least.  So, enjoy, you pigs.....

And last, but certainly not least:

 There - are you happy now, you bunch of horn-dogs?

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Ride safe and enjoy the weather!


  1. PooBah,
    You have outdone yourself with this tasteful bicycle themed post. Great work.

    How is No. 10 going to ride her bike? It's got no pedals!

  2. The one with the dog is awesome.

    i hope you didn't exhaust your supply of bike pics. You know, for future posts.


  3. RCT: Great observation, and better question. Judging by the young lady's shoes, however, I'm guessing she wasn't going to be riding much anyway. By the way - congratulations are in order! You just won the Biggest Bike Geek award for actually looking at the bike.

    KP: I agree - one of my favs as well. No worries about exhausting the treasure trove. It was actually difficult to just pick out the 20 or so I used from the vast collection...Consider your future Friday's Interweb perusals safe and secure....even if they do make you feel like "that guy".

  4. Taint anything wrong with these ladies. They clearly love bicycles. I <3 Farrah.

  5. One of those bikes had a superflash installed. That's a great light but not as nice as her headlights.

  6. I believe a couple of these could qualify for Triathlete Magazine covers.