Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear PooBah: Friday Mail

Ah dear readers, it's finally Friday.  And what a week we've had.  There have been stories of other cycling bloggers getting to join Team RadioShack for training camp, and reports of disgruntled members of the Garmin-Transition Team over the exiting of Bradley Wiggans. It just goes to show that the world of cycling is forever in motion, despite the number of hours we, the obsessed, have asses planted firmly in office chairs while we watch it unfold on the internet.  But no matter, Friday also means it's time for the old PooBah to dip into the mailbag.  So let's get it on!

Dear PooBah-
Not long ago I read a great article in a magazine about how to make inexpensive upgrades to your bicycle.  I've come up with one of my own that I really wanted to share with your readers.  My son was always pestering me about wanting to go riding with me on my bike, but I know that letting him ride on the handlebars is too dangerous, and I simply don't have the money for one of those fancy kid bike seats or trailers - so check out what I came up with for him!
Yours -
Bobby J.

Dear Bobby
Sweet MacGyver, that is a great idea!  It appears as though you've bolted a plastic kid's chair to your rear luggage rack.  Nicely done.  One word of advice - you may want to consider rattle-canning that thing black, I'm worried about the emotional scars your son will suffer being forced to ride around in a pink seat.

Dear PooBah-
Long time reader, first time writer.  I play bike polo in Eugene, Oregon, and as the 3rd alternate goal keeper for my team, I would like to extend to you an invitation to come out and play with us sometime.  We can provide you with a bike and equipment, and you can even shack with me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon-
Jame Gumm

Dear Mr. Gumm,
Wow, thanks so much for the invite.  Man, you know - I'm sitting here looking at my calendar trying to figure out when I can make it out there to Eugene and hook up with you, and it just occured to me that I think I might be working on a herniated disk in my back, thus preventing me from being able to pretty much move for the next year or two.  But best of luck to you, and your DeadBaby Team!

Dear PooBah-
You have to help me with my daughter - I am so worried about her.  Yesterday I caught her playing with her Barbies by a small puddle of water that has formed by our road.  She had them arranged in some pretty troubling poses WITH their little Barbie bicycles (see attached photo).  What could this all mean?

Please Help!
Dolores H.

Dear Dolores-
Looks like she is ready to try cyclocross.

Dear PooBah-
One question:  Shimano or Campy when it comes to cranks?

I've done an extensive search on the manufacturing practices and industry standards of both companies and can only find one difference when it comes to these two components.  The distinguishing factor is in the inspection process where I think Campagnolo might have a leg up because of who they have historically had closely examine each crank. (Insert tasteless religion-related joke based on "crank-examination" double entendre here.)

Dear PooBah,
I've been eyeing this Brooks Saddle on ebay for a week now, but just cannot decide if it's worth the money based on the photo.  The seller says she has some additional photos she can provide upon request, but I don't know if it's worth the trouble.  What do you think?  The auction ends tonight.
J. Magoo

Mr. Magoo-
Have the seller email me the additional photos directly.  I will examine them closely and get back with you.  Hurry.  We don't want to lose the chance to get a closer look at these....this....whatever.

Dear PooBah-
I absolutely love my pet, Mr. Muckles, and miss him terribly when I am out riding. I read with great interest one of your previous posts on the potential use of sidecars in which one could carry along their fuzzy companions.  But there just aren't a lot of options out there when it comes to purchasing one, and plus - the available models are really expensive.  Furthermore, my little guy loves to actually run, versus just being happy to ride along,  so I've been working on an alternative way Mr. Muckles could come along with me, and even participate in my daily ride!  Check it out!

Wanda M.

Dear Wanda-
If you haven't hired a patent attorney yet, you better get yourself one quick, sister.  I think you are sitting on a gold mine.

Thanks, as ever, for reading everyone.  Have a great weekend and ride safe!

Pedal on!

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