Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vindication and inner peace...

Despite the fact that the road season has only just begun, there have been some early rumblings in the pro-peloton regarding various groups that have yet to secure a big win:  One is from the entire country of Belgium, and the other is Team Trek Leopard.    But like some sort of cosmic vindication for red-headed cyclists everywhere, Dominic Klemme (the object of much COMO CYCO ginger-related teasing) pulled off a sweet victory this week at the GP Le Samyn.

For all the shit I have given this lad, I'd like to congratulate him on his win.  I am quite sure that with the fully loaded roster of Leopard, no one saw Klemme as the guy who would take the team's first major victory.  I know I have, upon occasion, posted humerous photos of Dominic in the past.  But in light of his first major victory, I'd like to give credit where credit is due and try to shine a new, more flattering light on this champion of the Leopards!

This is one of the only photos I could find of him on the podium - I swear!

Yes - anonymity in the peloton can be a very good thing when it comes to making a break and having it stick.  Now that others are learning that Klemme has some legs under him, getting away the next time may prove to be a bit more difficult.  Which is exactly what some of the Belgians are lamenting as of late.  Take one Belgian in particular; Tom Boonen.... word is he's a little frustrated by how he is being marked in the peloton these days.

"'s always the same thing.  If I move a finger, I have half the peloton on my back watching me, while lads like Langevald or Flecha can escape without even really attacking, just by accelerating a little."

Tommeke, Tommeke....shhhhhh.....relax.

And speaking of Belgians finding their inner peace, RaceRadio recently uncovered the program from Team RadioShack directeur Johan Bruyneel's 2002 wedding.  Why, you may ask, should I mention such a thing on this cycling blog?  Shouldn't I refrain from delving into the personal lives of cycling personalities?  Probably.  But it's rare that I'm touched by items of such beauty, and I find myself incapable of refraining from sharing these with you, dear reader.

Front Cover
I love this photo of Eva Maria, Johan and Johan's sweaty right foot.

It's not even the wedding night yet and he still has a handful!

Back Cover
The money shot.

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes, when I'm feeling blue, I just stare at the last photo and listen to this, and a feeling comes over me that everything is going to be all right...


  1. RCT may be onto something.

    The Boonen massage with the flute music in the back ground was pretty damn funny.

  2. Here's an image of the Heat Miser, in case anyone is wondering, "Heat Miser, huh?"