Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Mail: Don't read.....go ride instead

Yeah....If you are actually stuck inside reading this crap today, I'm really, really sorry.  You should be out on your bike.  We both should be, actually.

And with that - let's jump into the mailbag.

I read your post this week in which you made fun of the email I sent you giving some tips on how you might save a little money on gas in these troubling economic times.  I'm sure you and all your little readers got a nice little chuckle at my expense.  God forbid I should try to teach you anything....I guess you know it all, now - right?  Well, despite what you think, I've always had respect for your bike much so that I thought your readers should see a picture of you back in the day - when you first started getting obsessed with your bikes.
Because I know how much you try to protect your anonymity, I'll let your readers try to figure out if you are the one with the erect nipples and buck teeth, or the fellow wearing the Daisy Dukes.  By the way, call your Mother.

 Dear PooBah,
By the occasional hints you and others have dropped about your age - I'm guessing you grew up in the 70's.  Would I be correct?  I'm an undergrad, so cannot even conceive of what riding in the 70's was like.  Can you fill me in on how you used to train way back then?
Jackson V.

Yes, I was a 70's kid.  And if the aforementioned photo did not clue you in enough on what training was like back then, maybe this will help complete the picture:
Open your parents' extra fridge in the basement to stay cool, buckle up your suspenders and give those rollers hell!

Dear PooBah,
I'm hoping you can give me some advice on why my bike may ride so rough.  I absolutely love cycling, but am just shredding my taint every time I'm on the bike.  I've tried chamois cream, expensive chamois shorts, three different kinds of saddles, and have been professionally fit but still cannot seem to have a comfortable ride.  Can you offer any kind of advice?
Thanks in advance.
Myron F.

You might try to ride a lower air pressure in your tires....oh wait, nevermind.

I know it's not safe, but I love listening to tunes while I ride?  Do you have any good recommendations?
Thanks a ton!
Norman G.

There are some really good Swedish alternative groups that are definitely worth a listen....

Dear PooBah,
I just wanted to let you know about some sweet jewelry that I just made for my girlfriend.  She's a great cyclist and loves wearing anything cycling-related.  She's also really into piercing - so I had to come up with something that would dangle well.  I ended up grabbing some old parts laying around my shop and made these for her.  What do you think?
Trent A.

Nice job, man.  But if you used the small chainring for an earring, I'm wondering where she's wearing the big chain ring?

Dear PooBah,
I hope you've recovered from that letter and photo your Dad sent of you back in the 70's.  They were really HARSH!  Old photos are hardly every flattering.  Everyone has some truly cringeworthy pictures that were taken of them from decades ago - and you shouldn't let it get you down too much.  To make you feel better, I'm enclosing a truly embarassing picture taken of my sister and me training back in the early 80's.  I can hardly even look at it now.  Anyway - I hope it raises your spirits.
Allison V.

Holy CRAP.  And I thought my picture was bad!  I cannot believe you actually wore one of those leather hairnet helmets!  Absolutely humiliating.....

Enjoy the weather everyone - ride safe!


  1. I'm off to ride (unbelievably good weather today).

    The image of Myron riding that piece of junk nearly brought a tear to my eye. (Santa's got to get that kid a new bike). Fortunately, Allison V. has cheered me up.


  2. Great temps and sunshine today, but that wind was a b*tch. It seemed to be against me in any direction except when I was traveling directly north. Fortunately, that's the way I go when I'm heading home, so it was a fun final stretch. From the red light at Vandiver, I hit 40mph before I got to the curve at the bottom of Rangeline, I held it just past the Wonder Bread building.