Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out of hibernation: Wednesday weed and peer pressure

Talk about oversleeping......I woke up this morning to the ear-shattering buzz of my alarm clock and suddenly realized I had overslept by an hour and something like 79 days.  Some of you may have been wondering where I've been these past several months.  In actuality, I am using the word "some" generously.  I will expound on that in greater detail in a moment.  First, let me ask you if you have seen the movie Friday?  Yes, the 1995 movie starring an actor named Ice Cube written by somebody named DJ Pooh.  If so, you may remember the scene where hood resident Deebo (seen here)

arrives over at Craig's house on a stolen beach cruiser (seen here)
to try to coerce Craig and his buddy Smokey to help him rob the neighbor's house.  Of course, Craig and Smokey have a busy day already planned out for them and want nothing to do with Deebo's scheme. But Deebo has a certain penache in the ways of motivation and soon he has convinced the boys to reluctantly help him out.  The entire exchange is summed up by Craig in a single, succint and eloquent statement.

"Peer pressure is a mother fucker."

Yes, well, so too can blogging resemble coital relations with a maternal unit occasionally.  Not in the sense that I worry that someone is going pop a cap in my ass over a bad post (or in my case when every post is a bad post).  But still - there's a certain kind of self-inflicted pressure here, and I was in need of a little break.  And that gets me back to my initial statement that some of you may have wondered where I was, low these many months.  Well, in my absence, I contacted a statistician to conduct a poll of one-time readers in the attempt to ascertain just how many of you were actually missing regular COMO CYCO updates to lend some justification to starting the old COMO CYCO site back up again.  Here are the results:

Apparently, a whopping 9% of you were actually missing regular COMO CYCO blog posts.  Since I only have 14 regular readers, that means that only 1.26 actual people were desiring additional content.  I can only assume that this person is either 1) pregnant with a fetus in their first trimester, or 2) has an attached, not fully developed twin, like that guy in the movie Total Recall.
(No, this is not Tyler Hamilton, although he did try this defense once.)

That said, if we add up the folks who reported that they missed COMO CYCO (9%), with those unaware of a blog named COMO CYCO (42%) and the individual who likes turtles (1%), then the 48% who are NOT missing this blog are in the minority.  Thus, there is at least some justification to try to start posting once again....that and I found a bike parked on 9th street today that is worth sharing.

Aside from the fact that this is a vintage Trek 420, thus numerically fitting with the "Wednesday Weed" theme of today's posting, it's the combination of rear cargo rack and aero bars that really caught my eye.  Clearly, this is a cyclist who demands both utility and speed on their commute to work in the morning.  Its kind of like the bicycle version of this.

(Sweet clip-on spoiler for performance AND a hatchback for easy rear loading.)

In his or her defense, this cyclist probably runs with several cycling crowds (at the very least, both commuters and triathletes) and is attempting to conform to the style of both simultaneously, not wanting to suffer the criticism of either group.  Peer pressure is indeed, a mother fucker.

At any rate, I have decided to knock the dirt off and lube up the chain of this old blog once again, for better or worse.  I cannot promise posting with the regularity of the halcyon days of the COMO CYCO site, but will do my best, and welcome you, once again, to come along for the ride.


  1. This is great! I was checking all the time. Glad to see you made it back. I look forward to the ride.

  2. deebo also plays the president in the fifth element.

  3. As soon as I saw that image of Debo, I was immediately happy. I'm serious. Take a look at that face! There's something about that face that makes me laugh.

    If I ever get robbed, killed, or murdered, I want it to be by Debo.

    Welcome back POOBAH!

    BTW: Blogging is a complete waste of time. But what else are we going to do?

  4. thanks for starting back up, the time i spend on the internet (and content ingested) just became that much more 'legal/legitimate'.

  5. You got knocked thefuggout!!

    Finally... something worth reading in my RSS feed. I have on again, off again updates to my own blog, so I understand how you sometimes need to just say screw it and take some time off.

  6. Thanks everyone...drop me a line anytime to share any mentionable stories or photos...