Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear PooBah: Late Edition (but BAD ASS!)

I just checked the weather for the weekend and this is what it showed:

This makes me positively giddy with the prospect of getting some long rides in this weekend.  Perhaps not as giddy as the gentleman in this photo, however, who took a picture of his bike for and inadvertently captured his own shadow revealing how he pays homage to his faux wood Velocity Deep V's and gold-colored cranks.  Yes, my friend, you keep on rocking your bad-ass self.

And with that, I bring you this special edition of BAD-ASS themed Friday mail.  Let's get it on!

Dear PooBah:
Check out the latest trend in fixies!  I'm totally ahead of the curve on this one.
Yours -
Delmar H.

Congrats!  You've clearly taken fixies to a new level.  With the trend of ever shortening handlebars and the absence of brakes, what is the need for a fork or even front wheel?  This is fixed gear cycling as it was always intended...I mean, just look at the simplicity of that ride. A piece of minimalistic art...By the way, your seat's too low.

Dear PooBah,
Can you please take a look at the configuration of my ride?  I seem to get some thigh chafing on the left side from my tob tube.  Not sure how to avoid this...Any thoughts?  Thanks, man!
Robert P.

Dear Robert-
Hmmmmm this is a tough one.  I tell you - my best guess is that your seat is just a tad too low.....not TOO terribly much....but just a fuzz.  Try raising it like a centimeter tops!  You might also try removing the magazine from the tob-tube mounted Tommy gun while your ride.  I doubt this will make any difference - but it's something you might think about.

Hey PooBah-
The next time you are in Southern Cali, you have to ride with the Chopaderos, Outlaw bicycle club!  We'll have a ride waiting for you...

Spike -
Way ahead of you man....I just ordered our intern Ricky to get a Chopaderos tattoo to show our support for your club! (P.S. - Your seat's too low.)

Dear PooBah-
What do you think of the crocheted frame cover I made for my bike?  I even knitted a little cozy for my Krypto lock I have on my handlebars.  Be honest - or else I will have to tie you up with my Golden Lasso of Truth (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
Wonder Woman

I had no idea knitting was one of Wonder Woman's skills...I have to admit, back in the day, I had a wicked crush on Lynda Carter and wished I could slow down time when she used to spin around to magically transform whatever she happened to be wearing into her superhero uniform, just to get a little peeky.  Did you know she was supposed to be an Amazon?  I think you've definitely got that part covered.  By the way - your seat's too low.

Dear PooBah
I'm thinking of taking up road racing this season.  Do you think I'm ready?
Penelope H.

Penelope -
Well, I think you've got all the essentials covered....protective eyewear, breathable kit so your sweat will wick away quickly, jet propulsion and a BAD ASS attitude...what else could you need?  Seat's too low, though.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks as ever for reading!

Pedal on!

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