Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drinking heavily

Long weekends are wonderful, but they definitely contribute to the feeling that Tuesday now feels like a Monday, which means that Friday is going to feel like a Thursday, and that humpday is going to feel like Tuesday, which is actually today, which means that I'm already thinking about next weekend!  And this leads me to tell you that I have to go away for a looooong time for some work-related bizznezz.....In fact - I will be gone from September 9th until September 27th!  This means I'm going to miss the start of cross season in Hermann, and more importantly, exactly THREE sessions of Friday Mail!  Not cool at all - but I gotta keep up that day job gig to pay the bills...

And speaking of paying the bills, how about our local boy Dave Henderson kicking a little tail over at the Gateway Cup in St. Louis over the weekend?  Friday night at the Tour de Lafayette, he wore his National Champion stars and stripes jersey while winning the Master's race.  Then on Saturday, he competed in the Pro 1/2 category for the Tour de Hills stage and took 2nd place, besting pros from Bissell, Kenda and Jamis Sutter Home among others.  Congrats Mr. Henderson!
Photo courtesy.

I hope he went out afterwards and had a celebratory drink following dinner, which, apparently is something you are not allowed to do if you race for Saxo Bank.  According to cyclingnews, Bjarne Riis removed both Andy Shleck and Stuart O'Grady from the Vuelta for drinking after dinner, and thus violating team rules.  It's obviously impossible for we, the armchair directeur sportifs, to know the exact details of the incident to judge if Riis was overreacting or not, but something tells me that Andy and Stuey may not be taking the Vuelta (or their remaining Saxo contracts, for that matter) as seriously as, say the Tour de France....One more example of how the poor Tour of Spain (or shall we call it the Tour of the Red-Headed Stepchild) gets the proverbial shaft.  Too bad Andy and Stuey don't race for Liquigas, because apparently drinking following each day's race is not only indicated, but heavily encouraged.....and in large amounts as was posted by Roman Kreuziger on Twitter following Stage 9.

And speaking of drinking, thanks to the reader who sent me this photo from a bar in Kansas City over the weekend.
Despite the blurriness, which I'm sure reflects the drunken state of the photographer, I'm pretty sure the photo is of this image, which I've posted here before:
This reader has inspired me to start giving away a COMO CYCO weekly "Big Cup Award" as a new installment to the blog, which I've decided to start right now.  Last week, an article appeared in the Columbia Tribune regarding PedNet's No Car, Low Car, Whoa! Car Challenge, in which community members are challenged to use their car as little as possible, and can earn some rewards in the process. 
The article interviewed the Challenge's organizer, Gina Overshiner, who was quoted as saying,

"A lot of people have this mentality: "I'm leaving  my front yard so I have to take my car," she said.  "The thing is, a car is an option, not a necessity."

As one might imagine, this article has initiated some rather colorful dialogue in the comment section, including, this, my favorite:

hadenuff1 (anonymous) says...

"PedNet is a another great scam to keep otherwise unemployable people in a job. They focus on a healthy lifestyle, that is obtainable only by a very small percentage of the community. I believe their ultimate goal, along with the other collection of federal freeloaders, GetAbout, is to create a vehicle free zone in Columbia and ultimately impose a wheel tax, or, other fees, for those of us whose employment is dependent on a vehicle. Such is the case with most zealots and tyrants."

CONGRATULTIONS, Mr. and/or Mrs. 'Had-e-nuff-1'!  You just won the first ever COMO CYCO "Big Cup Award"!  If you will email me your home address, I will hand-deliver this to you from the back of my bicycle to show you how we tyrannical cyclists can even reach you in your remote homestead by non-motorized vehicles.  Feel free to drink from it freely and frequently!


  1. Finishing 2nd, but ahead of a bunch of pros (including the reigning Pro Criterium Champion - Holloway) sure felt like a win to me. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

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