Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to COMO CYCO

Yes, I finally caved to probably well-deserved peer pressure to give up the moniker of "Bike Snob COMO." It was fun to pretend to be an acutal bike snob, but let's face it - I didn't have the chops or expertise to match the wit of our beloved BSNYC. And as he grows in popularity with forthcoming book releases, and articles in Bicycling and Outside Magazine, I continued to grow uneasy that what started off as an intended clever knock-off was becoming a cheap imitation. Who wants to listen to a half-assed cover band if you can go to the real show?

So here is the all-new format. The content will be much the same - but I'll be trying to cover the COMO cycling scene in more detail to keep everybody posted on the goings on about town. We are lucky to have such a rich diversity of cycling subcultures here in COMO - and my aim is to celebrate them all. Hope you'll come along for the ride. It'll be a lot more fun if you join me. Send me your stories, photos, bitches and gripes and I'll do my best to make sense of them all and offer them up to the great cycling Gods in the sky.

Let's ride!

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  1. What exactly is wrong with cheap imitation? We wear it, sit on it, cook with it, and pay good money for it.