Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not even close to being ready to move on....

I've been travelling almost non-stop for work-related reasons for about a month now.  Today, I had planned to write about some big changes I've been planning for the site, but then of course a massive turd-grenade just exploded in the cycling news.  (Thanks Travis for effing up my big self-thrown welcome home party!  I was going to run around COMO CYCO headquarters in my tighty whiteys and get drunk on jello-shots - but not now!)  So, rather than blather on about that, or anything else, I will leave you all to read up on the goings-on regarding those US pros who many of us have followed so closely for the past couple of decades and what they were up to if you so choose.  Here is a link to the USADA decision they have issued to the UCI: link.

I'd like to think that one of most corrupt athletes the world has ever seen has finally been exposed for what he is with all the proper evidence, and the house can now be cleaned.  But I think the corruption will run a bit deeper yet.  More specifically, I will wait to see how Nike, Oakley, Michelob and Trek will respond to today's news.  I know the answer already - and I don't know why I will let it surprise me, but it will all the same.  I expect he will deploy full cancer shield and suggest we (I) are all pathetic for living in the past as he suggested in his recent interview with LAVA magazine:

"Yeah, others won’t move on. It’s sad. I’m aware that it’s out there. It’s like, why are you continuing? You got what you wanted; Lance Armstrong never did anything in his life. Great. For some, it’s like, shouldn’t you be out training and focusing on what you’re doing? Fucking move on. So strange."
I tell you what, douchebag, I'll move on when you do.  Own up to it, pay back the money, send back the jerseys, give up your sponsorships.....they are all ill-gotten gains. Apologize to all the people whose lives you wrecked, and ask - no BEG - forgiveness from the team-mates who you expected to lie and risk going to jail for you when questioned by the Feds. 
Then, I'll move on......maybe.

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